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Explore our newest offerings and current best sellers. At Rejoice, we are constantly researching and innovating new products to keep up with shifting consumer trends, while also fulfilling the high demand for our most sought-after products. View the products we are most excited about right now!

Private Label Products

As a vertically integrated company with ownership in the factories that make our products, Rejoice has tremendous manufacturing control and flexibility. With cutting-edge facilities and state-of-the-art equipment, we have extensive capabilities for private label production to meet the specialized needs of our clients.


With a diverse array of 650 high-quality products spanning 32 categories, Rejoice is the single largest dollar-retail program in the world. Our registered brands—including XtraCare, Homebright, AutoBright, Healthy Chef, PetCare, Monkey Gunk, and Spa Luxury—signal excellence, value, and reliability to consumers.