Our Company

Rejoice International focuses on expanding the idea to deliver competitive costs while focusing on quality, precision, innovation, speed, and reliability. Rejoice offers extensive Private Label Manufacturing capabilities, as well as the single largest $1.00 retail program in the world.

Brand Options

Covering over 32 different product categories under the branded names of XtraCare® – XtraCare Signature® – Homebright® – Autobright® – Health Chef – PetCare® – Spa Luxury® – Monkey Gunk® We also offer extensive Private Label.

Great Cost Should Not Compromise Quality

Value is a function between cost, quantity, and quality. All our factories are certified and our products are not animal tested. All products come with Safety Data Sheets, so you know exactly what you’re getting with our products: quality at a great price!

Our Experience

Established in 2006, Rejoice has found global success making us the largest $1.00 retail program in the world. With multiple field offices, we make business easy by giving full solutions, in-house Sales, Logistics, Graphic Design, Finance, and Customer Service Departments.